Custom Caricatures

Premium Caricature, Color

from 75.00

Most of the caricatures that I do are pretty quick and off the cuff, but the Premium option is where I really get into it. I push the exaggeration, make sure the likeness is dead on, and generally take the time to give you the best product I possibly can.

See the “Caricature” section of my portfolio for an example of what I mean. The live drawings are good, but the celebrity drawings show what I can do when I take my time and do it right.

A theme is included in this price point. You also have the option to get it done on canvas for that extra level of quality.

The Premium option is the choice for those who want something above and beyond what they can get at the county fair.

You will need to email me reference photos of the people you want in your drawing. Unobstructed faces with straight-on angles are best. Think school photos. If you are commissioning a caricature of a celebrity, I let me know if there’s a specific image/era/angle you would prefer.

Please select how many people will be in your drawing.

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